Hearth AI | Founder

📍 New York, NY & San Francisco, CA

Next-gen relationship management.

Spring 2022 - Current

Schmidt Futures | Engineering Manager

📍 New York, NY

Led development of Rise program technical stack, which awarded 100 (out of 50k) applicants across 46 countries up to $500M in funding. Provided technical support & coordination for Afghan Future Fund

Spring 2021 - Fall 2021

Civis Analytics | Senior Machine Learning Engineer

📍 New York, NY

Led development of house forecasting model, resource allocation dashboard that allocated >$100M in TV/digital spend, issue salience product, and senate ad guidance tool (>680 ads tested)

Fall 2019 - Winter 2021

University of Edinburgh | Graduate

📍 Edinburgh, Scotland

Distinction, MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Summer 2019

Apple Inc. | ML Consultant

📍 Remote

Design, mentor, teach ML education program

Spring 2019 - Fall 2019

Beneficial AI Society | Cofounder, President

📍 Edinburgh, Scotland

Founded society to host weekly interdisciplinary case studies from local research groups/companies in AI

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019

Airbnb Inc. | Machine Learning Engineer Intern

📍 San Francisco, CA

Full-stack development of ML tools for preventing sophisticated attacks on platform

Summer 2018

Stanford Digital Civil Society Lab | Software Engineer

📍 Remote

Full-stack implementation of privacy regulations tool for non-profits

Fall 2017 - Summer 2018

Stanford University | Graduate

📍 Stanford, CA

Conferred BS in Computer Science with concentration in AI.

International exchanges in Berlin, Oxford, St. Petersburg, and Moscow
IEEE Publication: Decision-Theoretic Approach To Designing Cyber Resilient Systems
Spring 2018

Stanford in Berlin | Student

📍 Berlin, Germnay

Focus on nationalism, memorialization and tourism around trauma in Germany

Winter 2018-Spring 2018

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge | Aero Engineer, Telemetry Engineer, Driver

📍 Stanford, CA & Australian Outback

Designed solar car; Performed 82 iterations of CAD Modeling, meshing, and CFD simulation; Increased aero iterations by 74%; Full-stack development of Telemetry; Trained in Autocross clinics

Winter 2016 - Fall 2017

Pear VC | Engineer In Residence

📍 Palo Alto, CA

Improved firm operations with diligence & data collection/analysis tools; Analyst for deal flow; Managed team of 4

Winter 2017 - Summer 2017

Stanford US-Russia Forum | Researcher

📍 Palo Alto/Moscow/Siberia

Researched & developed policy proposal for US-Russia collaboration in cyberspace with peers from universities in the US and Russia

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

NASA Ames | Software Engineer

📍 Moffett Field, CA

Full-stack development of tool that auto geolocates orbital photos taken by astronauts on ISS

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Oxford University | Exchange Student

📍 Oxford, UK

Philosophy of the Mind Tutorial

Winter 2016

Facebook Inc. | Software Engineer Intern

📍 Seattle, WA

Full-stack development of data mining IDE that targets analytics of data pipeline

Summer 2015

Stanford Space Development Laboratory | Satellite Software Design Researcher

📍 Stanford, CA

LMRST Satellite, project by JPL-Stanford-Pumpkin Inc: coded watchdog timer functionality to enable system to restart autonomously after crash/anomaly

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

San Francisco Zen Center | Student

📍 Carmel Valley, CA

Zen Practice Program

Fall 2014

Facebook Inc. | Software Engineer Intern

📍 Menlo Park, CA

Development of iOS mobile application within Games product team

Summer 2014