Hearth's Next Chapter

From NY to SF

December 7, 2023 | 📍 San Francisco, CA

Hearth was conceived with the heartbeat of New York and energy of Silicon Valley. We aimed for a cultural combination of New York’s artistry and the Bay’s engineering brilliance. In 2022 we incorporated in New York and then incubated in SF; at the start of 2023 we set up shop in Soho.
To live in New York is a practice of paying attention. There is dance to the throng of people that rush in and out of the subway train. A tune to the cacophony of noises. An aesthetic rapture in the artificial jungle that exemplifies human progress.
Hearth’s vision is to create a relationship home, cared for by your network intelligence - to show us the depth of our connections lest we forget in the dizzy of modern life.
What better place to dream and ideate on connection than the American city that cultivates an interwoven vitality through its rush of faces, at every hour and in every corner.
2023 in New York brought Hearth to that wonderful state that made art inevitable.
And now, this post is to share that in 2024 we feel excited and lucky to continue Hearth’s next chapter in SF.
• • •
This moment feels like a historical inflection point. After decades of AI ups and downs, we’re seeing an unprecedented democratization and commercialization of AI that’s progressing at breakneck speed. As technology pulls us at greater speeds, the need for us to understand our own humanity becomes more pronounced.
To create a new category at the intersection of human experience and the potential of AI, we’re maximizing for in-person conversations, debates, and sharings with engineering communities we’re close to. If this is our AI renaissance, we want to be over-excited and over-caffeinated in rooms buzzing with people co-creating. In 2024 we’re betting that for us, this is in the Bay.
Undeniably, Silicon Valley’s builder energy is contagious. The cultish fanaticism for moving fast and building better is like nowhere else I’ve experienced in the world. Relationships are everything, and the outcome of building together with other dreamers is magic.
So cheers, to an endless love for New York.
And cheers, to Hearth’s new chapter in the Bay.
• • •
We're currently hiring for eng roles in SF, shoot me an email at ashe@hearth.ai with your CV and interest.